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Our Commitment

Kula Yoga Shala has partnered with Karma Krew; a yoga-inspired nonprofit organization devoted to mobilizing the energy of the yoga community to participate in community based service projects and yoga classes for the under-served.

Karma Krew is a national organization headquartered right here in Jupiter, FL. Since 2006, Karma Krew has worked to bring various yoga studios together to clean beaches, plant trees, paint shelters, and support families in need. They have also launched ongoing yoga programs in local shelters for abused children, elderly immigrants, runaways, and young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. To learn more about Karma Krew, please visit http://www.KarmaKrew.org.

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Upcoming Community Projects:

Weekly “Practice with Purpose” classes are offered at Kula Yoga Shala. Practice with Purpose is a unique class in that it introduces you to a new teacher each week. Most teachers are past graduates from one of Kula’s recent teacher trainings. The style varies from week to week so be prepared to step out of the box and expect the unexpected! While the style and teacher are always revolving, the mission of Practice with Purpose remains the same: To provide financial support to aspiring yoga teachers. 100% of donations go directly into Kula’s teacher training scholarship fund. Feel good knowing that by helping yourself you are helping others.