Organic Vinyasa


A spontaneously sequenced form of vinyasa flow yoga. This practice encourages mindful exploration of the postures amidst an invigorating combination of fluid movement and deeper, prolonged holds. This practice incorporates elements of vinyasa, kundalini, pranayama, meditation, and chanting. This practice is ideal for practitioners looking for a practice that is eclectic and inclusive of a well balanced synthesis of challenging and calming elements.






The yin style blends yoga asanas with taoist meridian theory and mindfulness meditation techniques. Postures are held in the range of 3-5 minutes with muscles relaxed to target the connective tissue and organ systems. This slower form allows the asanas to be experienced as containers for self inquiry and receptivity through a gradual attunement to the subtle contours of experience. T he practice gradually guides students into deeper layers of interiority. This practice is designed for practitioners looking for a slower paced, more meditative approach to yoga and offers a great compliment to a power yoga based practice.




Power Vinyasa


Practiced in a warm room, power vinyasa challenges and inspires practitioners to cultivate an easeful mind while engaged in dynamic, exhilarating movement. Postures are linked together fluidly and married to the breath to create tapas, the fire of discipline that purifies and detoxifies the body and clears the mind. This practice is designed for practitioners looking for a strong physical practice that revitalizes and nourishes one’s Self from the inside out.






Kundalini Yoga is a sacred art & science based on the practice of kriyas: dynamic purification practices to cleanse and charge the body-mind. This potent form of yoga aims to awaken & conduct energy through rhythmic movement, invigorating breathwork, chanting, and meditation. This practice is ideal for students looking to deepen their investigation of the powerful potential of the human energy system through a practice that is both challenging and nurturing.




Aquarian Sadhana


Aquarian Sadhana is an early morning Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Mantra practice to cleanse your mind, uplift your spirit, and set your day. It includes Japji (the Sikh morning prayer), Kundalini Yoga, and chanting. This same practice is done by Kundalini Yoga communities around the world. It was originally taught in 1992 by Yogi Bhajan as a way to excel in life and connect through group consciousness. Feel free to come and go as you please for any portion you would like. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience required. Join us at this very special time of the morning when the sun is at a 60-degree angle to the Earth (also known as the amrit vela or ambrosial period) and connect with your spirit in community.

Morning Schedule:
Japji (morning prayer), 4:30am - 5:00am
Kundalini Yoga Kriya, 5:00am – 5:45am
Deep Relaxation, 5:45am – 6:00am
Mantra Meditations/Chants, 6:00am – 7:00am





Yin-Yang Fusion


Designed to train both our active and receptive modes of being. More rajasic or "type a" people will be met where they are while also beginning to develop techniques for slowing down and introspection. More tamasic or "mellow" people will also be met where they are while beginning to develop techniques for enlivening their energy system. The practice  offers  people of both constitutions a more sattvic, or balanced practice leaving them in a state of energized clarity and centeredness.






Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that invites the use of props such as bolsters and blankets to encourage a deep letting go into each posture. Postures are held upwards of 10-15 minutes offering the benefits of deep relaxation, breath awareness, and release of unconscious holding patterns. This practice offers a tremendously healing space to explore the vast realms of consciousness accessed through deep relaxation.




Soulful Sundays


Take time to dive deep and honor your spirit on this sacred day. Sundays are a reminder to breathe deep & restore a sense of ease and balance in your life. This practice harmoniously integrates various elements from the yoga tradition's vast teachings: breathwork, mantra, mudra and meditation accompanied to vinyasa flow yoga & kundalini kriyas. This recipe serves to recharge your system & refresh your spirit. The weekly theme for this practice is drawn from the ongoing changes in our natural surroundings. Through the ritual of connecting with the natural elements, an exploration into the deeper dimensions of Self is awakened.




Yoga Basics


Delve into the basics of yoga practice. This is an appropriate class for beginners or any student who would like to explore the fundamentals of asana, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy. This foundational class will examine the principles of proper alignment, breathing techniques, quieting the mind and chanting styles. Various yogic philosophies and spiritual traditions will be discussed as a way to enhance the student’s personal practice. Many styles of Hatha yoga, including Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Restorative or Yin, may be included and will vary each week.





Align & Flow


This class teaches the practice of embodying the principles and philosophy of yoga with clear alignment and fluid movement. How can we use the physical practice of asana to awaken and move subtle energy within the body? How do we infuse our physical body at every level with a deep awareness of our inner being? Align & Flow Yoga combines clear, specific, therapeutic alignment instruction with the natural way your body wants to breathe and move. Each class is an opportunity to discover the inner teacher and the wellspring of wisdom and Love in your own heart.




Eclectic Hatha


All posture-based systems of yoga fall under the auspice of Hatha (pronounced hot-ha). The premise of the tradition resides in the belief that the in-dwelling spirit can be accessed through the exploration of one’s physical & subtle bodies. To this end, many modalities are utilized. In the eclectic hatha practice, a variety of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation styles are explored in a class that moves at a moderate pace affording practitioners the ability to deepen both their understanding and experience of the power contained within the body. This practice moves slower than the organic flow and power vinyasa practices but is more active than yin.


Sweat Lodge Vinyasa


Enjoy this strong, detoxifying vinyasa practice in a heated room. Sweat Lodge Vinyasa is held each friday evening as a way to purge the week and purify body and mind through a practice that challenges, inspires and elevates your vibe. We warm the room with space heaters and accompany the practice to the sounds of tribal rhythms and primal beats to facilitate a deep cleansing, ultimately leading into the sweet space of stillness with each practice incorporating a sitting meditation following the movement practice. Step into your weekend feeling recharged and refreshed!


Kid's Yoga


One of the most common things yoga practitioners say is, “Can you imagine what life would be like if I started this when I was younger?” Kid’s yoga has grown into one of the fastest growing expressions of yoga in the world. In this fun & engaging practice, children are given the freedom to discover their inherent creativity, joy, and confidence while learning skills for relaxation, concentration, and healthy internal dialogue




Mind - Body - Breath


Integrate the essential yogic disciplines of asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and dhyana (meditation). When performed together these practices unlock the full power of yoga's sacred teachings. This inquiry-based practice is designed to re-establish the original context of postures as a doorway into the deeper dimensions of yoga. This powerful healing practice is open to all practitioners who share a sincere desire to practice yoga as a means of Self exploration.



Chair Yoga


Can't get down on the floor? Well, you don't need to! Chair Yoga adapts yoga poses to your body through creative use of a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body. The student is able to warm up their body safely and practice yoga with more support and stability. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing poses and balancing. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions and especially beneficial for people with physical limitations. This is a 1 hour class.




Beach Yoga


Get one with nature and rediscover the true you! Connect on the beach and become fully alive and fully aware of nature's gifts. When you allow yourself to be in thee moment and capture the true essence of your being, life's worries begin to fade with the ocean breeze. You are able to lift your feet up through the pebbled sand and discover a path of inner light, gratitude and inspiration. Located on Jupiter Beach. Tuesday class is just North of the Juno Pier at Marcinski Road and Sunday class is just South of the Reef Club (shower 51).



Friday Night AcroYoga Jam


This is an open AcroYoga Jam, all levels welcome, understanding that this is a lightly facilitated jam (not a class), so bring skills to practice, share, and enjoy. Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own safety. So be safe, and use the spots! Acro yoga is a movement art that combines acrobatics, acro-balance, yoga, and elements of other movement modalities to create a dynamic and diverse partner practice.




Slow Flow


A gentle, flowing class, emphasizing slow, graceful movements, deep stretches, balancing postures and deep relaxation. Take time for yourself to slow down, open your body, breath and find inner peace. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome.




Svaroopa® (R) Yoga


Svaroopa® Yoga is a Hatha style of yoga that focuses on releasing the muscles connected to the spine. This core spinal release practice uses precise alignments, adjustments and props for support, so your body can release into supported poses, lengthening muscle, decompressing joints, and letting go of tensions from the inside out. This core spinal release gives you an amazing feeling of wellbeing, increased energy, better flexibility, stability with a greater awareness and ease in your body. Suitable for all levels, classes start with the foundational poses, working through different themes, as you learn the elements of Svaroopa® yoga practice.





Gentle Yoga


Gentle Yoga is structured around rejuvenating and healing the body. Experience balance and harmony through a slow and mindful practice designed to release tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps are often used for safe practice, and to allow the body to fully achieve each position comfortably. Held at a slower pace Gentle Yoga focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Through gentle yet powerful poses, breath awareness, mantra and meditation you will also learn how to connect with your true heart's desire. Emphasis is always on self-awareness, breath, and honoring the body.






Yoga Sculpt and Restore


This 75 minute class beckons the presence, intention, strength and mindfulness of the Warrior. Gradually, and at your own pace, move beyond your limitations and build a safe and progressive practice. Dynamic yoga sequencing, Core power and body sculpting segue into Restorative Yoga. Relax and renew body and mind and connect profoundly to spirit.




Satsang (Spiritual Discussion)


While our practice on the mat is essential, what's even more so is the way in which we come to translate it's insights and wisdom teachings into our lives. Satsang is a non-movement, discussion based gathering dedicated to exploring the philosophical and spiritual side of yoga and how it can both inform and inspire our lives. It's our intention to offer these conversations as a place to come with questions about your spiritual path. Everyone is welcome to attend, to share, to ask questions or to just listen. Every week is different: We explore foundational teachings and psycho-spiritual inquiry practices from traditional and contemporary texts. We also host guest teachers from diverse backgrounds to share in their areas of expertise and always invite your participation. This is an open forum for everyone regardless of where you are on your path. Everyone is welcome.




Wake Up Slow


In this peaceful morning wake up practice, emphasis is placed upon slowly awakening the body and subtle energy system through gentle stretches and mindful awareness of the breath. Ample time is given to clear morning stagnation from the joints and connective tissues while carving an entrance into your day that will leave you feeling refreshed, centered and ready to embrace the day with a clear mind. This is an all levels practice.





Mellow Vinyasa


Early evening represents a transition point where we shift out of the business of the work day and into the more spacious time of freedom. The Mellow Vinyasa practice serves as a sacred space to support that transition through the art of vinyasa krama (yoga sequencing. This is a slower paced vinyasa practice, emphasizing sensitivity to internal movement, offering the space for a deeper connection to the body-mind-spirit. Take the time unplug from the stress of your day and enter into your evening feeling clear and refreshed.






Kali Natha Yoga


Kali Natha Yoga is a yoga of transformation that embraces and unites Eastern and Western philosophies. A moving prayer and worship, Kali Natha Yoga is deeply spiritual in nature. This yoga awakens the Divine feminine principle of Shakti and moves the practitioner to a deeper self-awareness. Many different asana flow series are used and it utilizes many of the yogic tools including mantra, mudra and pranayam and can change the breath and the quality of blood. It changes air to prana and prana to pure shakti. Every chakra is opened and stretched. The essence of Kali Natha Yoga interweaves together the mind, body and soul. It is a practice of going beyond one’s limitations in every area of life.



Arm Balances & Inversions (All Levels)


You are in one of your Yoga classes and the teachers says “Bakasana” and quickly cues you into crow pose. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to come to the full expression of the posture because the teacher has to move on. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there! This class is dedicated specifically to allow the proper time and alignment it takes to work on your arm balance and inversion practice. It will start off with a warm-up each week, preparing your body for a specific sequence of arm balances or inversions. The remainder of the class will focus on strengthening and working on the foundations of each arm balance and inversion series. This class is truly ideal for the practitioner who is looking to dive deeper into their yoga practice and float their feet off the floor! This is an all levels class.





Prenatal Yoga


This prenatal class is for women at all stages of pregnancy with no previous yoga experience necessary. It is a short, gentle prenatal yoga practice designed to build strength, while you learn to connect your breath to the asanas. As we flow through this practice you will activate your body while connecting to the light growing within you. It is our intention to make you feel more calm, comfortable and confident with every class through yoga, breath work, meditation and discussion. Your prenatal yoga practice will improve your circulation, strengthen the support of your uterus and pelvic muscles as well as help you maintain a limber spine. We will also address the challenges faced in the pregnancy journey all the way through child birth such as nausea, sciatica, swelling and even labor. I want to create a safe, open community that allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.







Charles teaches three different lineages of the ancient eastern art of Qigong. Mystical Pangu Qigong, Supreme Science Qigong, and Shaolin Do Lineage Qigong used in the art of Tai Chi. Qigong simply defined is "Focused Energy and Effort." It is applied through Postured Breathing and Meditative Techniques used to receive inner balance and calibration of self and also has many health benefits as a result of cultivate practice.




Tai Chi


The word " Tai Chi," in translation means "Grand Ultimate." Tai Chi is a martial art that was created by a Chang San Feng, a veteran practitioner of Shaolin Do, approximately 600 years ago. It is a movement form flow that awakens the energy of the body that brings a list of great health benefits along with this practice. It also is a very efficient and powerful Martial Art that reveals secrets of natural law. Tai Chi teaches one to awaken the power within and for the preservation of life, called "Wu-Te."





Core Strengthening


A blend of Hatha Yoga and Pilates Mat to strengthen the deep stabilizers of the trunk. Students are guided to connect the mind to the deeper core muscles for control enhancing their yoga practice and all daily activities. Conditioning of the core musculature also reduces or eliminates joint and back pain. All fitness levels and special populations benefit safely as modifications are taught for each exercise emphasizing the Six Principles of Pilates to maximize results and reduce risk of injury: Mind-Body Connection, Dynamic Alignment, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Core Control, Lengthening, and Precision with Fluidity.






Yoga of 12-Step Recovery


Yoga of 12-Step Receover offers a mind and body approach using both the mind and the body for relapse prevention. Using the cognitive tools of the 12-steps and the somatic experience of yoga, Y12SR assists people to develop body awareness, to learn to feel what’s going on in their bodies, and to self-regulate. Y12SR is a meeting and a yoga practice. The time is divided between a 12-step like sharing circle and a yoga session where we “take it to the mats.” Y12SR can be done using a yoga mat, a yoga block, or using a chair for those who are more comfortable seated. Meeting topics can come from the sharing circle or if no topic organically develops, the space holder may suggest a reading. Simple yoga postures and breathing exercises will be practiced each meeting.





Prana Flow Yoga


Prana Flow Yoga is a slow paced Kundalini Tantric Yoga incorporating pranayama, mantra and mudra. The emphasis is on proper alignment and deep breathing techniques which opens the energy channels of the body to a flow of energy along the spine and helps to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. The Asanas are a series of flowing movements from the Kali Natha tradition which open the body in a gentle manner, alternated with longer holds which are more strengthening in the Hatha style. The slow pace will make for a deeper stretch, deep breathing will have a cleansing effect on the body; combined, this has a calming effect on the mind and leaves one feeling relaxed, yet energized. Welcomes and embraces all levels and ages.




Mindful Flow Yoga


"Mindfulness"- the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Mindful Flow Yoga helps to build awareness of the various layers of one's own being. Utilizing the practice as a way to feel into the many sensations that take place on a physical, mental, and emotional level; Mindful Flow grounds the awareness of the breath as a foundation for the practice. From this foundation, bringing consciousness to the alignment of the physical body is explored and students are encouraged to honor their body's natural capacities and in doing so honor themselves and their own growth as a yoga practitioner. The practice takes a moderate to slower pace and is welcome to all who wish to find unity and vitality in both body and mind.





Connected Warriors


This free yoga class for Vets focuses on learning skills proven to help you connect to the present - leaving anxiety behind while learning to feel safe and in control. By lowering your hyper-vigilance and your reaction to noise and stress, you will sleep better and have more control over your emotions. All military personnel welcome!





Practice with Purpose


Practice with Purpose is a unique class in that it introduces you to a new teacher each week. Most teachers are past graduates from one of Kula's recent teacher trainings. The style varies from week to week so be prepared to step out of the box and expect the unexpected! While the style and teacher are always revolving, the mission of Practice with Purpose remains the same: To provide financial support to aspiring yoga teachers. 100% of donations go directly into Kula's teacher training scholarship fund. Feel good knowing that by helping yourself you are helping others.





Sunset Vinyasa


Looking for a better connection than wifi? Take time to connect with the elements for this ninety minute vinyasa flow style class hosted on the Kula deck. Surrounded by the Chakra garden at sundown, this flow is especially fit for students seeking a total mind, body and soul experience. Practice is held at a moderate pace combining breath work (pranayama), physical postures (asana), and meditation suited for students of all levels looking to deepen their practice.




Rise & Shine


In the yoga tradition, sunrise has always been revered as a most auspicious time for morning sadhana, or dedicated spiritual practice. The quiet stillness of the early morning calm set amidst the natural elements on the outdoor garden deck provide a natural and serene setting to enter into the beginning of your week feeling balance and harmony in your body and mind. You can think of this as a personal refuge to reconnect to the quiet parts of your soul with the support of nature and an array of traditional yogic disciplines such as asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), mantra (affirmations) and meditation (visualization, mudras, mindfulness.) We explore a wide palette of simple yet powerful yoga and meditation techniques to give you the ability to find and explore a practice that resonates with you personally. This class takes place in the early hours of the morning to encourage those of us with busy schedules to carve out some time out for ourselves, so that we may carry this inner peace and stillness with us throughout the day. This is an all levels practice so regardless of where you are on your path please feel welcome to join us for this meditative morning to nurture the soul.




Happy Hour Flow


Come enjoy a quick pick-me-up, rejuvenating flow that will get your body moving, your blood pumping and your soul shining! A mix of Vinyasa, Yin and Pranayama, this practice will bring your body, mind and heart back to center as you transition into your evening.





Forrest Yoga


Designed for the beginning and intermediate student with up-level postures given for more advanced yogis. This class will help you experience the many benefits of Forrest Yoga: building core strength, stretching and strengthening your muscles and creating space in your joints. Classes include seated postures, abdominal exercises and sun salutations to heat and prepare the body to move safely through standing sequences, building towards a peak pose and ending with a restful Savasana. Breath work and the setting of an intent are used to quiet and focus the mind throughout the practice. All ages and ability levels are welcome, including those working with injuries. Modifications, options and alignment cues are offered for all levels of practitioners.





Community Acupuncture


Community Acupuncture is not just a description of acupuncture in a group setting, but also describes who is served by acupuncture: our communities. Community Acupuncture is not a one-way relationship of acupuncturists to their communities but the relationship of communities to acupuncture, the clinic, practitioners, and other staff. Community Acupuncture represents the connection and the contract between Acupuncture and Communities. Acupuncture is often defined as one of the major practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But it is not just those who are educated to practice acupuncture who get to define what acupuncture is and isn’t. With Community Acupuncture, the definition cannot only come from those delivering care. Those who are served by acupuncture must have also have a role in defining it. To define acupuncture as a technique or part of a body of knowledge leaves out its active role in those who are most affected by it: our patients. The contract between a community acupuncture clinic and the community it serves is simple. The clinic will work to serve you by being here when you need us to provide acupuncture to relieve your pain and suffering. The community will come for acupuncture, pay for treatments, and participate in supporting the clinic in other ways. As in all contracts, both parties give and receive. The community gives its endorsement of acupuncture’s effectiveness, to the affordable sliding scale, to the comfort and accessibility of a community acupuncture clinic, and it receives a reliable resource to maintain or improve the health of its members. Community Acupuncture will be offered here at Kula Yoga Shala within the wall of our Community in the calm setting of our Studios. You will lie on the comfort of your mat, enjoying calming sounds and music while our Acupuncturist, Dr. Craig makes his way around the group to treat everyone. Once your treatment starts you will be left with the needles to relax and enjoy the benefits of the treatment. You will spend your time relaxing and meditating both before and after your treatment while the rest of the Community gets their treatment.






Social Saturdays


Central to our vision for Kula's expanded space is the notion of a gathering place. With the vibe of a funky & artsy coffee house, we host an alternative option for a Saturday night out. A little something for everyone:

1st Saturday of each month: Sound Circle with Sat Kirtin & Dakota Dawkins
Join us for an evening of connecting through sound and creative exploration! This is an opportunity to share music, song, poetry, drumming and healing as a community. This gathering is open to any and everyone who wishes to attend. No experience necessary! Bring your instruments and anything you would like to share! Offered by donation.
7pm Sound Healing Meditation
7:45pm Open Mic
8:15pm Closing Jam Session

2nd and 4th Saturday of each month: Qoya Movement Class
Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence is wise, wild, and free. Wise, wild, and free draw reference to the movement forms we practice in class: wise from the wisdom of yoga, wild from the creative expression in dance, free from the pleasure and freedom found in feminine movement. It is a transformative movement class for women that combines the benefits of fitness - including strength, flexibility, balance, and agility - with a unique, empowering approach that is expressive and fun. Each class has a special theme and is paired with an amazing soundtrack. No dance or yoga experience is necessary and there is no way you can do it wrong. The focus is always on how it feels and in Qoya we say "if it feels good, that's how you know you are doing it right!" For more information about Qoya, visit www.Qoya.Love. *Designed for a community of women. *By donation

3rd Saturday of each month: Movie Night
Join our host Cecile Alfonzo-Antoine for a movie screening followed by a provocative group discussion. *Offered by donation.