One of the primary intentions of Kula is to offer our community a sacred space dedicated to both self exploration and self expression. In this spirit we regularly offer single day and weekend workshops as well as 4-6 week workshop series focusing on a array of spiritual disciples and creative arts programs. Yoga workshops offer a way for practitioners to deepen their studentship through a more in-depth focus than a drop-in class allows. Our creative arts workshops are designed to support you in becoming fully self expressed whether that be through creative writing, drawing, painting, drumming or learning improv comedy amongst many other offerings.

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How to Submit a Proposal for Yoga or Art Workshop or Series:

Would you like to present a one day or multi-week workshop or series at Kula Yoga Shala? Please send proposals to with "Proposal" in the subject line. Include the following details:

1. Program description/title
2. Length of the program (number of weeks/length of time)
3. Bio/credentials of presenter
4. Suggested tuition fee
5. Minimum/maximum number of participants
6. Have you presented this before? If so, where? Contact info as reference

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Upcoming Workshops and Inspirational Gatherings:

Social Saturdays


Central to our vision for Kula's expanded space is the notion of a gathering place. With the vibe of a funky & artsy coffee house, we host an alternative option for a Saturday night out. A little something for everyone:

1st Saturday of each month: Sound Circle with Sat Kirtin & Dakota Dawkins
Join us for an evening of connecting through sound and creative exploration! This is an opportunity to share music, song, poetry, drumming and healing as a community. This gathering is open to any and everyone who wishes to attend. No experience necessary! Bring your instruments and anything you would like to share! Offered by donation.
7pm Sound Healing Meditation
7:45pm Open Mic
8:15pm Closing Jam Session

2nd and 4th Saturday of each month: Qoya Movement Class
Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence is wise, wild, and free. Wise, wild, and free draw reference to the movement forms we practice in class: wise from the wisdom of yoga, wild from the creative expression in dance, free from the pleasure and freedom found in feminine movement. It is a transformative movement class for women that combines the benefits of fitness - including strength, flexibility, balance, and agility - with a unique, empowering approach that is expressive and fun. Each class has a special theme and is paired with an amazing soundtrack. No dance or yoga experience is necessary and there is no way you can do it wrong. The focus is always on how it feels and in Qoya we say "if it feels good, that's how you know you are doing it right!" For more information about Qoya, visit www.Qoya.Love. *Designed for a community of women. *By donation

3rd Saturday of each month: Movie Night
Join our host Cecile Alfonzo-Antoine for a movie screening followed by a provocative group discussion. *Offered by donation.


Kali Natha Yoga Pranayama with Shakti Durgaya Kali
“Stay in The Heart, Always”
Tuesdays, ~ 6:30pm - 8:30pm
March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
$115 series or drop-in $30

It is easy to be in the heartspace when we feel relaxed, but any tension may have us shut down, protect and move out of the heart. We react and overthink. Through Kali Natha Yoga asana and pranayama practices in this class series, you will: Learn how to keep the heart open in all circumstances, Consume chaos and return to center, Clear up confusion and hear your inner guidance. All levels are welcome, please be prepared to practice yoga in every session. Shakti Durgaya Kali, Kali Natha Yoga Acharya, has been sharing this mystical yoga for more than 18 years. She was initiated into Kali Natha Yoga by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, her guru and the founder of Kashi Ashram. Her passion is to share Ma Jaya's lineage and to ease every heart.
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Sacred Sound Healing with Scott Feinberg and Richard Wyzanski

Mar. 23rd 8pm – 9:30 pm
Investment is $30 prior to event
Investment is $35.00 at the door

On this truly special journey into the heart. Together we will interweave sound healing and the essence of nature throughout various yoga practices. This deeply healing practice is designed to nourish and harmonize the subtle body by incorporating energy activation kriyas, yin yoga, breathwork and mantra. This will allow deep releasing and energy to flow freely through the body. During the asanas, an assortment of Native Flutes and sound healing instruments, including the Didgeridoo, will be played on and around the body, surrounding all with the healing resonance of love.


Sacred Sound Healing



MEET YOUR MUSE with Rose Shaw
Sunday, March 25th ~ 1pm – 4pm

INTUITIVE PAINTING WITH ROSE SHAW. We are delivering a WILD and COLORFUL gift to you ~ an invitation rather, to let your MUSE come out and PLAY for the day. During this class you'll be guided in a step by step Intentional Creativity process to access your MUSE and her messages for you! Intro to Intentional Creativity. the way out of creative stagnation, a meditative art experience to calm your inner critic. I have found an amazing new process for you to access the creative spirit within and tune in to your true heART. It would be my pleasure to share this process, from the teachings of Shiloh Sophia, in an Introductory ‘Painting Jam’ on: SUNDAY MARCH 25, 1:00-4:00 AT Kula Yoga, Jupiter. NO PREVIOUS PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY-I MEAN IT!! My own process has been one full of art academia and practice and so I can’t tell you how exciting it was to find a method so FREEING as this! YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF. If you have felt a disconnect from what your heart tells you, and what your mind says. Creativity restores that balance! It helps you listen to your internal message. We start with a brief art me-ditation/circle and share a red thread to connect us with intentions, from there we dive into our painting with a question for the day and respond to that on paper. Prompts are very WIDE open ended and include painting with two colors at once, covering over our writing, ‘coloring in’ with paint, glazing, ‘composting’ old ideas, “I AM HERE” stroke and finally, after a very simple practice with just 13 lines, meeting your Muse! From there we add symbols, detail, whatever we wish to bring forward and release old negative feelings we had before we started. We also dance a little, enjoy music, and support while painting, and there’s chocolate! You are welcome to bring youth girls ages 9-12 for half class fee. Please be mindful and ensure that your child is capable of participating in a way that will not detract from the experience of other students. ART SUPPLIES: Much of these materials can be found in your home already, or at a local arts and crafts store, such as Michaels or online. Water Color Paper - size 22x30, 140lb. Or you can use a canvas if you like. Paint brushes – student grade, inexpensive is fine. You’ll want a medium size, one larger and one smaller for detail called a liner brush. Variety of sizes and angles are good. I have spare brushes. Jar for paint water. Paper towels. Spray bottle with small mist. Paint palette or paper plate. Black sharpie. Glitter (optional, but nice to have if it’s easy). Plain white paper & pen. Painting smock or clothes that you can get paint on. Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes. ACRYLIC PAINTS: You'll want to have 5-8 colors that feel good to you - colors of the rainbow are good. These can be low cost paints that you may already have on hand, or you can use the higher-grade "Golden" brand, which is terrific. Or basics Red yellow blue,white.
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wtih Russill Paul and Scott Feinberg
April 6th - 8th ~ Friday - Sunday
Full Weekend $180
Saturday AM session $65
Saturday PM session $65
Sunday AM session $65
Saturday Kirtan $25

Absorb the essence of ancient yogic texts so you can grow into the fullness of Yoga. Author of two best-selling books, The Yoga of Sound and Jesus in the Lotus, Russill Paul has been at the forefront of the Yoga and Consciousness movements in the US since the early nineties. Featured at numeous conferences and teaching at leading-edge institutions such as Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute for decades, he brings you world class teaching! Full Weekend includes exclusive sessions Friday, April 6 Evening Overview and Sunday, April 7 Afternoon Assimilation plus all the events below:

3RD AND 2ND MILLENNIUM BCE: Yoga is born in the rich, spiritual culture of the Vedas, on the banks of the river Ganges and in the lofty peaks of the Himalayas. The Upanishads are the culmination of the spiritual vision that is birthed in yogic practice. In this workshop, we will explore the yogic spirit of the Upanishads.

1ST MILLENNIUM BCE: Yoga is fairly well established as are many schools of philosophy, including Sankya, upon which classical Yoga is based. The Bhagavad Gita serves to bring together various approaches under a common goal, that of seeking union with the Divine. We will, together, explore the Gita’s yoga.

SUNDAY, APRIL 8 ~ 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM ~ YOGA SUTRAS
1ST AND 2ND MILLENNIUM CE: Yoga takes on clear definition with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, father of classical Yoga that most contemporary yoga schools are inspired by. While taking time to absorb the essence of the YogaSutras, we shall also take a look at how yoga evolves into our present time through the Middle Ages.
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Breath Work to Master your Mind and Emotions with Mike Rosenfeld
June 10th 1:30 pm~4:30 pm
Investment is $60.00

Master your Breath, Your Mind and Emotions   Life Coach and Breathwork Therapist, featured on Oprah Radio--Mike J Rosenfeld will guide you through a step by step process to connect to your true power. Learn how to let go of all that is holding you back from being the greatest version of yourself. This experiential workshop will utilize best practices in Co-Active Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming, breathwork therapy, the science of flow states, and mindfulness. It will awaken your brilliance and have you feeling connect, grounded and powerful.  
  • Experience these benefits:
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase energy levels
  • Create more balance and calmness
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and stability
  • Build confidence




*** Refund policy for workshops and special events: There are no refunds given unless management is notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the event. Exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances. ***