One of the primary intentions of Kula is to offer our community a sacred space dedicated to both self exploration and self expression. In this spirit we regularly offer single day and weekend workshops as well as 4-6 week workshop series focusing on a array of spiritual disciples and creative arts programs. Yoga workshops offer a way for practitioners to deepen their studentship through a more in-depth focus than a drop-in class allows. Our creative arts workshops are designed to support you in becoming fully self expressed whether that be through creative writing, drawing, painting, drumming or learning improv comedy amongst many other offerings.

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How to Submit a Proposal for Yoga or Art Workshop or Series:

Would you like to present a one day or multi-week workshop or series at Kula Yoga Shala? Please send proposals to with “Proposal” in the subject line. Include the following details:

1. Program description/title
2. Length of the program (number of weeks/length of time)
3. Bio/credentials of presenter
4. Suggested tuition fee
5. Minimum/maximum number of participants
6. Have you presented this before? If so, where? Contact info as reference

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Holiday Community Wellness Package 
A Community Inspired Kulaboration

Give the Gift of Wellness this Holiday Season

Surprise someone special with a truly one-of-kind gift of self care. Each package includes the following:

ૐ Three Yoga Classes from Kula Yoga Shala

ૐ One Acupuncture, Massage or Energy Healing  Treatment from Kula Yoga Shala

ૐ One 45 minute Salt Room Session from The Salt Suite PGA

ૐ One 60 minute Float Session from Transitions Float Studio

ૐ Two Juices from Rock Steady Juice Joint

A $250 value for just $199!

Packages available for purchase between 11/23/2018 – 12/25/2018

Redemption Instructions:

When purchasing, please include name of recipient. In order to redeem, simply have the recipient furnish a copy of PayPal receipt (printed or electronic) along with a valid photo ID to each of the respective businesses to claim their voucher for each service. Package items will be made available for redemption beginning 12/27/2018 and expire on 3/31/18.


Name of Recipient

Monthly Social Gatherings

First Friday of Month: Ecstatic Dance with Marianne Baum. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

First Saturday of Month: Sound Circle + Open Mic with Dakota Dawkins. 7pm – 9pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Second Friday of Month: Sacred Space Inquiry and Contemplation Dyads with Durga Patricia Carroll. 7:15pm – 10pm. $20 in advance. $25 at door.

Second Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Third Friday of Month: Medicine Drum Circle with Buckley Griffis. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. $15.

Third Saturday of Month: Movie Night with Cecile Alfonzo. 7:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Fourth Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.


Upcoming Workshops and Inspirational Gatherings:


Holiday Celebration Pot Luck
Saturday, December 15th 7:30pm
email for details


Demystifying Essential Oils: Essential Oils 101
with Amanda Bolk, Chris Eliades, Katy Eliades
Sunday, Nov 18th, 10am
Monday, Nov 26th, 2pm
Please meet at the Buddha Bar
There is no charge for this community class.

Have you ever wondered what exactly essential oils are? What are they good for and why would you want to use them? How do you even go about using them for that matter? These substances are mysterious to most of our modern society but have been used for thousands of years by many cultures all over the world and are mentioned repeatedly throughout scriptures. They are a cornerstone of natural wellness and rightfully so, as they are very effective. Learn how to use them in your every day life to enhance wellness, happiness and longevity in this 101 class.
Chris Eliades RYT LMT, Amanda Bolk RYT LMT, and Katy Eliades RYT have a combined experience of 17 years using essential oils for themselves, their clients and in their homes.
Classes will be offered free of cost



Sacred Wave Dance
Seven Keys to Freedom with Marianne Baum & Lori Klein
November 18, 2018
Before November 18th Investment $35
Day of Event Investment $40

Experience the dance of seven Chakras in this celebratory workshop.

Dancing the seven chakras is an opportunity to dance in seven different inner landscapes, with lessons, meanings and stories.

We will explore our instincts, sexuality, power, intuition and spirituality.  Guided by music, mantra and imagery resonating to each chakra you will be taken on a dynamic dance journey through these energy centers.

No dance experience required. Just a desire to open the gates for  higher vibration.


Investment Option

A Beginners Course in Vedic Meditation 
with Matt Cardone
Thursday, December 13th
Investment $499 for 4 consecutive days 90min sessions

Dec 10th Co Hosting Sit Happens with Christopher Robinson
Course Begins Dec 13th with 2 options per day
13th 8am or 7:30pm
14th 9am or 7pm
15th 10am or 4pm
16th 12pm or 4pm
Course runs 4 consecutive days 90min sessions
Investment is $499
About Vedic Meditation:
Vedic meditation practice uses a mantra, a vibrational sound, that can help quiet the mind and settle the body. A mantra pulls you into a subtle state of awareness that some compare to a feeling like lucid dreaming. Those just learning Vedic meditation use seed mantras, simplified sounds that are the best meditation method to learn how to meditate on your own as a beginner.
Vedic meditation is simple to learn and easy to do. It’s effortless. It’s gentle. It is open to anyone of any age or physical ability. It requires no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere. And it fits easily with our modern busy lives.
In the Beginner Course you learn how to meditate with a mantra, using the simple technique of sitting comfortably, eyes closed, twice a day for twenty minutes at a time.
*Discount for KULA TEACHERS



Contemplation Dyads at Kula
with Durga Patricia Carroll & Charlee Quinlan
Monthly 2nd Friday of Month:
Dec 14, Feb 8, March 8, April 12,
May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug 2
Investment is $20/$25 at door
All sessions are open for the space to students to join any session without being in the whole series.

This self-inquiry work could be described as a non-dual Jnana yoga practice for pure self-knowledge, a direct approach to Truth. We do self-inquiry work for direct experience or enlightenment, as well as for mind clearing purposes to relieve mental and emotional suffering, gain clarity and practice in communicating and learn to listen without judging, reacting, or responding to the speaker. We will contemplate in dyads or pairs with each person alternating for five minutes of contemplation then 5 minutes of
listening. A self-inquiry technique will be taught with work done in a safe and confidential Sacred Space.

An evening of deep communication:

• Experience real connection and relating with
• Notice something about yourself you hadn’t
noticed before
• Find more spaciousness and clarity of mind

2nd Friday evening of each month
Register:  With Durga Patricia Carroll, Enlightenment Intensive Master, and
Charlee Quinlan, Mind Clearer and Trainer. To learn more about self-inquiry work with
Durga, go to:


Healing Resonance Sound Healing
with Jennifer Baez & Dakota Dawkins
November 25th 1pm
Investment $25

Join us to experience the healing vibrations of crystal bowls combined with reiki, as they heal on a mental, physical, and emotional level. Jennifer and Dakota will guide you on a sound Journey that will revitalize and activate your whole self!




Pop Up Breathwork & Meditation @ Salt Suite Palm Beach Gardens
Led by Chris Robinson
Thursday November 29th at 7:30pm
Investment: $35
Salt Suite Members: $25

Join us for a special Kulaboration with Salt Suite Palm Beach Gardens! A pop-up breath work and meditation session in the salt room! Join Kula teacher and host of Sit Happens, Chris Robinson, for this one-of-a-kind practice designed to enhance your breath work and meditation practice through the benefits of salt therapy. Salt rooms offer a powerful, holistic approach to reducing inflammation and sinus congestion and improving respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. Meditation and breath work offer tools to quiet the mind, balance energy channels and re-connect you to your center. Combining these practices amplifies the benefits of each! Join us for this unique and fun evening!!



Myths & Mantras
An Enchanted Evening of Songs & Stories from the Yoga Tradition
With Scott Feinberg & Angie Greenfield
Friday, November 30th at 7:30pm
Investment: $35

Join Kula caretakers Scott Feinberg & Angie Greenfield for a magical evening of storytelling and sacred songs from our beloved yoga tradition! Weather permitting we will gather in the gratitude garden around the bonfire and learn about the fascinating mythology that abounds within the mystical domain of yoga philosophy. Yoga’s earliest roots are filled with whimsical stories and evocative mantras that awaken the heart of the divine within each of us. We hope you can join us for this special evening celebrating the joyfulness of community and the splendor of connection.



The Power of Your Voice with Angie Greenfield
Sunday, December 2nd 2-4pm
Investment is $40

Connecting to your own voice is a powerful journey that takes courage and grace.
Angie will lead you through some gentle asana and guide you to find ways to connect you and your inner voice. This can have a life changing ripple effect in your life and the world around you. Are you ready to begin this conversation with yourself?



Follow Your Bliss~ Restorative Yoga & Acupuncture
with Dr. Craig Pollack & Marianne Baum
Sunday, December 9 from 1-3pm
Investment $49

Join acupuncturist Dr Craig Pollack and yoga instructor Marianne Baum  for an afternoon of deep relaxation. Restorative yoga postures will be complemented by acupuncture to soothe your nervous system and give your immune system a boost. The needles and yoga poses will work together in harmony, each enhancing the other’s effect, allowing you to go deeper into your experience.

In a nurturing group setting, students will hold supported yogic postures for an extended period of time while receiving a series of acupuncture treatments.  As you are enjoying your Acupuncture in a restorative posture, Marianne will take you on a blissful journey with Crystal Bowl sound alchemy, tuning fork treatments and guided meditation. This workshop presents an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during the often stressful times in the month of December. All levels welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of water.

This workshop is limited to the first 12 sign ups. Our workshops in August and October sold out completely so please register on line to secure your spot now for $ 49.  Walk-ins, space provided,  pay $ 55.





Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing
Wednesday, December 12th, 5 – 6:45pm
Pre Reg. $30, At Door $35
Space for 30 Studio A

We invite you to join Scott Feinberg and Richard Wyzanski on this truly special journey into the heart. Together we will interweave sound healing and the essence of nature throughout various yoga practices.
This deeply healing practice is designed to nourish and harmonize the subtle body by incorporating energy activation kriyas, yin yoga, breathwork and mantra. This will allow deep releasing and energy to flow freely through the body. During the asanas, an assortment of Native Flutes and sound healing instruments, including the Didgeridoo, will be played on and around the body, surrounding all with the healing resonance of love.


Peace on Earth
with Danielle Sherrit and Kata Szabadi
Saturday, December 15th 5-7pm
Investment $45 or Bring a friend $35 each

Our intention for you is to discover deep inner peace that restorative yoga, meditation and yoga nidra can bring. Through this gentle, nourishing practice we celebrate the season of giving, with a gift to yourself that everyone around you will receive. The gift of peace.



Afternoon Ayurveda Herbal Tea Blending Workshop
with Nicole Romero
Thursday, December 6th 12-2pm
Investment is $45 

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic healing science from the ancient Vedic culture of India that uses lifestyle, food, herbs, mantras, and yoga to help individuals find inner and outer balance. It is literally the “science of life” that aims at bringing the body and mind back into harmony with nature.
 ·       Intro to Ayurveda and Tea Blending
·       Learn which Teas are Best for Your Constitution
·       Learn about 10 different Herbs and                  Spices
·       Prana and Herbs
·       Hands on Ayurvedic Tea Blending
·       Using a Mortar and Pestle
·       Interactive Workshop
 Take home your own herbal tea blends as gifts.
This workshop is designed for anyone interested in tea blending and Ayurveda



Sacred Fire Ceremony
with Firekeeper Richard Wyzanski
Wed. December 28th @ 7:15pm
Offered by donation

There is a time when remembrance of our nature, that which dwells rooted within us, is to be awakened before our eyes and rejoiced together with our hearts. A time of reverence for Mother Earth that holds, supports, and nourishes us. It is our divine right to feel the human spirit that resides within our bodies as the ever expansive connection with all that we are. 

Let there be fire to nourish our soul in this sacred of moments, may we always carry this light with us. The embers illuminating, together communicating timelessly as the ancient within, as old as our oldest ancestors, and as present as every moment to come will be. Each flame, holding space with all surrounding, breathing energy through the universe, cleansing our spirits, and igniting our natural rhythm to awaken into the harmony of life. There will be opportunity to sit and pray, to meditate, to heal, to share your presence with love. Herbal offerings, prayers, and medicine songs are all welcomed. Sacred Fire Gathering is offered by donation to nourish us with firewood, guests of honor, and ongoing support. Richard Wyzanski will be fire keeping, sharing sacred songs, and holding sacred space to the best of his ability with other beautiful community members.



*** Refund policy for workshops and special events: There are no refunds given unless management is notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the event. Exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances. ***