One of the primary intentions of Kula is to offer our community a sacred space dedicated to both self exploration and self expression. In this spirit we regularly offer single day and weekend workshops as well as 4-6 week workshop series focusing on a array of spiritual disciples and creative arts programs. Yoga workshops offer a way for practitioners to deepen their studentship through a more in-depth focus than a drop-in class allows. Our creative arts workshops are designed to support you in becoming fully self expressed whether that be through creative writing, drawing, painting, drumming or learning improv comedy amongst many other offerings.

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How to Submit a Proposal for Yoga or Art Workshop or Series:

Would you like to present a one day or multi-week workshop or series at Kula Yoga Shala? Please send proposals to with “Proposal” in the subject line. Include the following details:

1. Program description/title
2. Length of the program (number of weeks/length of time)
3. Bio/credentials of presenter
4. Suggested tuition fee
5. Minimum/maximum number of participants
6. Have you presented this before? If so, where? Contact info as reference

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Monthly Social Gatherings

First Friday of Month: Ecstatic Dance with Marianne Baum. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Second Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Third Friday of Month: Medicine Drum Circle with Buckley Griffis. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. $15.

Fourth Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10. February 26th 6:30pm


Upcoming Workshops and Inspirational Gatherings:


Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Scott Feinberg
A 15 Hour Continuing Education Course for Yoga Teachers
Accredited Through Yoga Alliance
Thursday, July 18th: 5:30pm-9:30pm
5:30pm-7pm Yin Practice.
7:15pm-9:30pm Module 1
Friday, July 19th: 7:30pm-9:30pm Module 2
Saturday, July 20th: 8:00am-6:00pm
8am-9:30am Yin Practice.
10am -12:30pm Module 3.
12:30-1:30pm lunch break.
1:30pm-4pm Module 4.
4pm-5pm Module 5.

Tuition: $395

This training offers an in-depth immersion into the art and science of teaching Yin Yoga. The training is intended for yoga teachers who are interested in deepening their understanding of this unique methodology of yoga and how to teach yin in a safe, skillful, and creative manner. The training covers the following areas:

History/Evolution of Yin Yoga
Daoist Yoga Theory
The Musculoskeletal System in Yin Yoga
Essential Practice Parameters & Benefits
Asana Labs: Creative & Effective Sequencing (Anatomical, Energetic, Emotional Lenses)
Meridian Maps & The Energy Body in Yin Yoga
The Mental/Emotional Lens: Understanding Samskaras, Vrittis & Vasanas in a Yin Context
Inner Witnessing: Meditation Techniques in Yin Yoga
Contemplative Prompts for Self Exploration in Yin Yoga
Holding Space: Considerations for Creating Atmospheres of Healing and Inner Journeying

**This 15 hour yin yoga teacher training fully satisfies the pro-rated annual continuing education requirements for registered yoga teachers via Yoga Alliance and is open to non Yoga Alliance affiliated teachers as well.



The Crystal Vibe Tribe Sound Bath
Saturday, July 20th 3-4:40pm
Investment $30

We invite you into the world of sound and meditation.
Come soak up some good vibes, tune up and charge up with the sonic vibrations of The Crystal Vibe Tribe, a collective of 4 sound healers using various sound tools with intentions from the heart to assist you on your journey.

We employ the use of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, gongs and many other beautifully soothing instruments.

Join us on this deeply relaxing and powerful journey for the body and mind.


Brilliance Academy's Empowerment Coach Certification Program WITH Amy Lombardo
July 26,27,28 & 29
September 20, 21, 22,23
November 8,9,10 & 11

Most other coach certification programs focus just on personal empowerment, but it’s my belief that true empowerment goes way beyond personal fulfillment alone. True empowerment also awakens the change agent within you, giving you the courage, strength, and confidence you need to boldly step into your brilliance so that you can drive meaningful change in the world in your own unique way.

So, I’ve designed this highly innovative coach certification program to support you not only in learning how to empower others at the personal level, but also how to ignite their inner brilliance – the part of them that’s capable of becoming a force for good in this world.

As a certified Brilliance Coach, you’ll be on the frontline of a revolution in consciousness, equipped with all the tools and support you’ll need to be a catalyst for positive transformation at every level.


Entirely unique in its approach, the Brilliance Academy’s Empowerment Coach Certification Program pulls equally from spirit-based traditions like yoga and qi-gong; and from modern-day empowerment and leadership technologies, as well as meta-physical philosophies to create an exceptionally integrative curriculum that can be easily customized to support whatever coaching endeavors you pursue.

You’ll be trained in a customized 12-session coaching curriculum from the best-selling book, Brilliance, to guide clients through various mental exercises; journaling exercises; embodiment practices; meditation techniques; goal-setting, and time management strategies that help them create a comprehensive vision for their life and actualize their brilliance at every level. You’ll also be taught how to adapt the curriculum to create customized coach offerings that speak to your specific clients and capitalizes on your unique coaching strengths.

Whether you decide to coach in conservative corporate environments, liberal spiritual communities, or anything in between, this curriculum will prepare you to offer a program that’s at once powerfully practical and deeply heartfelt. You’ll be given the tools you need to create measurable results for your clients from the inside out.


– Three 4-day long modules held in private studio space in Jupiter, Florida in July, September, and November, attendance required at all three modules)

– Weekly Mastermind Calls between modules throughout the duration of the program

-Over 125 hours of supervised practice coaching experience with practice coaching clients that you select yourself

-Brilliance Academy’s Master Practitioner Manual and Curriculum Guide

– Four private mentoring sessions with trainer

– Brilliant Launch Business Development Plan and private coaching in how to launch your coaching endeavors successfully


I want you to absolutely thrive as a coach. Because of this, I limit my trainings to only 16 trainees at a time. You will get unprecedented one-on-one support that far surpasses the industry standard since most trainings are upwards of 50 people, many having hundreds or even thousands of trainees at a time. This small group training format is ideal for doing a deeper dive into the intricacies of coaching and allows me to select the best of the best candidates for creating a strong and committed learning community.




Meditation Teacher Training
with Scott Feinberg & Matt Cardone
A 25 Hour Continuing Education Course for Wellness Professionals
Saturday August 17th: 10am-5pm
Saturday August 24th: 10am-5pm
Saturday August 31st: 10am-5pm (optional meditation + yoga each Saturday at 8am — donation based)

This innovative training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and capacity to facilitate group and private meditation practices. It is intended for wellness professionals such as mental health therapists, yoga teachers, doctors, nurses, life and health coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy healers and others in the wellness community whose work would be supported by incorporating meditation techniques into their respective practices. Together, we will investigate both ancient and modern practices with the intention to apply the powerful effects of meditation through contemporary applications. The training covers the following areas:

Ontological Maps of the Human Mind
The Conditioned Nature of Mental/Emotional Processing
How Meditation Works and It’s Benefits (Biologically, Psychologically, Spiritually)
An Enneagram Informed Approach to Meditation
Body-Centered Meditation Practices
Heart-Centered Meditation Practices
Mind-Centered Meditation Practices
Holding Space: Considerations for Skillful Guidance of Meditation Practice
Developing A Committed Personal Meditation Practice
Facilitating Post-Meditation Discussions
Effective Integration of Meditation With Complementary Modalities.



Module 1: Foundations
with Kata Szabadi & Danielle Balliard
Sept 13, 14, 15th
Early Bird Investment by August 13th $295
After August 13th $345

ntention of this course is to share an offering that is accessible to most people. Restorative yoga does not require you to be strong or flexible. If you have a body, a mind, and breath you are qualified.
Anyone who has or feels stress or profesionally treats clients suffering from the effects of stress will benefit. Given that stress is the #1 cause of disease it is important to integrate this healing modality into our own body before sharing our knowledge and skills with others.
Learn the science of relaxation from both anatomical and energetic perspectives.
Learn how to look for “the drop” of the nervous system and its role in our health and wellness.
How to apply the seven chakra subtle energy body system to inspire healing and well being.
How to set up and assist in the traditional key restorative poses and 6 individual sequences for particular therapeutic effects and contraindications.
Understanding “busy brains” and speaking a language that allows for release.
How to hold a calming space and safely apply gentle touch to assist in guiding participants on their journey of inner healing and restoration.
Learn how to improve your ability to heal yourself and to empower others to heal by improving your ability to see imbalance in the body more clearly by observing respiratory and habitual tension patterns.
This comprehensive professional 15 hours training offers the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to lead your students through the healing journey of Restorative Yoga.


Restorative Yoga Training

Theta Healing® Basic DNA Practitioner Certification Seminar with Sharon Wacks
September 6,7,8th, 2019
Full Payment due by August 30, 2019: $497
Two Payments Aug 6 and Sept 6, 2019: $270

You Are About To DISCOVER!
While there are many types of healers and many types of health and wellness programs, there is only ONE internationally-recognized Theta Healing® Practitioner program.

Whether you want to grow your tool box and resources to better serve your clients, serve more clients, kick start a new career in healing, or learn an invaluable skill to serve your health and wellness needs, Theta Healing is the premiere all-inclusive training that stands above all the rest.

Theta Healing is a carefully directed meditation technique that allows its practitioners to consciously see within, identify patterns, bad habits, old wounds, and misinformation, then perform focusing, healing, witnessing and empowering tasks

Meditation works with our body’s physiology to change our brainwaves and our physical chemistry.
The brainwaves that are induced in meditative states are known as theta waves.
Theta waves are the brain’s electrical signature indicating a deep calm, relaxation, or peace.
It is the same state that the human body uses to begin to enter REM sleep, for dreaming.
This deep meditation is thought to help bridge the conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Over this three day foundational all encompassing seminar you will learn how to achieve and work in a Theta brain wave state and how to run a Theta Healing session with your clients.
Upon completion you will be a Certified Theta Healer® and can be listed on the official Theta Healing website.

The Theta Healing technique uses meditation and prayer to allow people to use their own personal spirituality to look deeply within their own beings in order to identify the things that block them from being, having, or doing, the things that they want in their life.

This directed self-reflection allows them to then seek to clear blockages, change the way they think, and to heal old wounds. It is inclusive of all religions and spirituality and is based on the ideas of empowerment through love and compassion.



Expedition Bali
with Scott Feinberg & Deedra Ryder
A Bucket List Yoga Retreat
September 7 – 14, 2019

Yogis, explorers and dreamers…

We invite you to melt into a week of bliss at Michael Franti’s oasis of yoga, soul, and rock n’ roll.

Soulshine Bali is the leading yoga retreat hotel in Ubud. This serene property is nestled between ancient rice terraces, temples and a lush jungle landscape, peacefully located ten minutes from Ubud center.

Imagine waking up to meet the rising sun nestled deep within the luscious landscape of Indonesia’s sacred island of Bali. Your morning will begin with a quiet, centering meditation canopied high amongst the tree tops overlooking the enchanted rice terrace before gradually migrating into a breath-centered yoga practice designed to awaken your connection with body, heart, mind and spirit…..

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The Art of Yoga Adjustments with Peter Goodman
Friday January 24th 6-9pm
Saturday January 25th 10:30am-6:30pm
Sunday January 26th 1-5pm
Investment By January 10th $330
After January 10th $430.00

The Art of Yoga Adjustments is training for the skilled practitioner and teachers of yoga asana from all yoga systems. This is a visual power point offering where each participant will receive the full 100-page PDF manual by email through an email delivery system that will send large files. This is full color and shows adjustments for more than 35 poses.

When the yoga student or we as practitioners is misaligned and not in the general form of a pose there is the risk of muscular-skeletal injury. Learning in depth how to use the “Liquid Touch” and where to place one’s hand to offer the refinements needed for the student to experience the happiest feeling from each pose makes an exceptional teacher and skilled practitioner.

This weekend we will work with principles of alignment and focus on how to touch the body in guiding to adjust the biomechanics of the body to good alignment. We will work in a partner setting for a portion of this module focusing on both upper body and lower body applying the proper touch for hands on adjustment with one another. We will also work with the energetic body to feel the connection or lack of connection to each other as adjusting and touching must be offered intuitively and with great sensitivity.

What you will learn in this training

*Learn how to use Principles of Alignment therapeutically to align the biomechanics of the muscular – skeletal system.
*Learn how these principles, when applied helps aid in the release of discomfort in many areas of the body.
*Learn how touching the body properly with the “Liquid Touch” offers a stable but safe result for the student.
*We will partner with one another for the full experience and provide feedback to each other and to the group, allowing us to learn the art of listening and receiving.
*We will learn where to touch and adjust from and to, in our experience with our partners
*We will explore working with the energetic body in order to first connect to one another intuitively and with great sensitivity


Investment Options

*** Refund policy for workshops and special events: There are no refunds given unless management is notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the event. Exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances. ***