One of the primary intentions of Kula is to offer our community a sacred space dedicated to both self exploration and self expression. In this spirit we regularly offer single day and weekend workshops as well as 4-6 week workshop series focusing on a array of spiritual disciples and creative arts programs. Yoga workshops offer a way for practitioners to deepen their studentship through a more in-depth focus than a drop-in class allows. Our creative arts workshops are designed to support you in becoming fully self expressed whether that be through creative writing, drawing, painting, drumming or learning improv comedy amongst many other offerings.

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How to Submit a Proposal for Yoga or Art Workshop or Series:

Would you like to present a one day or multi-week workshop or series at Kula Yoga Shala? Please send proposals to with “Proposal” in the subject line. Include the following details:

1. Program description/title
2. Length of the program (number of weeks/length of time)
3. Bio/credentials of presenter
4. Suggested tuition fee
5. Minimum/maximum number of participants
6. Have you presented this before? If so, where? Contact info as reference

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Monthly Social Gatherings

Every Friday (weather permitting) 7:30pm Meet us Fireside in Community with Justin* Firewood Donations are appreciated

First Friday of Month: Ecstatic Dance with Marianne Baum. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

First Saturday of Month: Sound Circle + Open Mic with Dakota Dawkins. 7pm – 9pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Second Friday of Month: Sacred Space Inquiry and Contemplation Dyads with Durga Patricia Carroll. 7:15pm – 10pm. $20 in advance. $25 at door.

Second Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.

Third Friday of Month: Medicine Drum Circle with Buckley Griffis. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. $15.

Fourth Saturday of Month: Qoya Transformational Movement for Women with Dana Murphy. 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Minimum Donation of $10.


Upcoming Workshops and Inspirational Gatherings:


Contemplation Dyads at Kula
with Durga Patricia Carroll & Charlee Quinlan
Monthly 2nd Friday of Month:
Feb 8, March 8, April 12,
May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug 2
Investment is $20/$25 at door
All sessions are open for the space to students to join any session without being in the whole series.

This self-inquiry work could be described as a non-dual Jnana yoga practice for pure self-knowledge, a direct approach to Truth. We do self-inquiry work for direct experience or enlightenment, as well as for mind clearing purposes to relieve mental and emotional suffering, gain clarity and practice in communicating and learn to listen without judging, reacting, or responding to the speaker. We will contemplate in dyads or pairs with each person alternating for five minutes of contemplation then 5 minutes of
listening. A self-inquiry technique will be taught with work done in a safe and confidential Sacred Space.

An evening of deep communication:

• Experience real connection and relating with
• Notice something about yourself you hadn’t
noticed before
• Find more spaciousness and clarity of mind

2nd Friday evening of each month
Register:  With Durga Patricia Carroll, Enlightenment Intensive Master, and
Charlee Quinlan, Mind Clearer and Trainer. To learn more about self-inquiry work with
Durga, go to:


Movie Night with Pot Luck with Ivy Gilbert
Saturday January 19th 7:30pm


THL mission: “The Humane League is an international non-profit focused on reducing animal suffering and ending factory farming. We have been a top-rated charity for the past 6 years. The Humane League’s mission is to reduce animal suffering by creating change at all levels. We work to reform the way farm animals are treated while also inspiring people to make more compassionate food choices. Our strategy includes hard-hitting corporate campaigns and wide-ranging outreach and education programs, supported by an extensive network of organizations, activists and supporters around the world.”

THL website:


Film description:

“Although evidence of meat consumption’s negative impact on the planet and on human health continue stacking up as animal welfare is on the decline, humanity’s love affair with hamburgers, steaks, nuggets and chops just doesn’t end.

In Germany, home of bratwurst and schnitzel, meat is an integral part of the diet. That is, until a few years ago, when perceptions somewhat evolved. Health concerns and meat scandals led to a public debate about the ethical implications of meat consumption and the rise of plant-based diets. Meat producers launched their own vegan products; 100% vegan supermarkets opened; and almost every food manufacturer was adding and labeling vegan options. Is this the beginning of the end of meat? Are we approaching a turning point in the human-animal relationship?

The End of Meat reveals the hidden impact of meat consumption; explores the opportunities and benefits of a shift to a more compassionate diet; and raises critical questions about the future role of animals in our society.”

Film website:



The Power of Your Voice with Angie Greenfield
Sunday, January 20th 2-4pm Confusion on time Begins at 2pm
Investment is $40

Connecting to your own voice is a powerful journey that takes courage and grace. Angie will guide you to find ways to connect you and the strength in your inner voice using asana, chanting, sound healing and vibrational therapy. This workshop will help you bring awareness to the connection or disconnection in your relationship to your voice and create new powerful patterns of healing and strength. The power of our own sound can have a life changing ripple effect in your life and the world around you. Are you ready to begin this conversation with yourself? Are you ready to step into this New Year with a renewed relationship to your own voice? Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a mat and a journal for writing.



Pop Up Breathwork & Meditation @ Salt Suite Palm Beach Gardens
Thursday January 24th at 7:30pm
Investment: $35
Salt Suite Members: $25

Join us again  for a special Kulaboration with Salt Suite Palm Beach Gardens! A pop-up breath work and meditation session in the salt room! Join Kula teacher and host of Sit Happens, Chris Robinson, for this one-of-a-kind practice designed to enhance your breath work and meditation practice through the benefits of salt therapy.

Salt rooms offer a powerful, holistic approach to reducing inflammation and sinus congestion and improving respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. Meditation and breath work offer tools to quiet the mind, balance energy channels and re-connect you to your center. Combining these practices amplifies the benefits of each! Join us for this unique and fun evening!!




Metta (Loving~Kindness) Meditation and Sound Bath
with Jennifer Baez
Saturday February 16th 1pm
Investment $25

Feeling drained, stressed, over-committed and exhausted or out of balance? 

This unique workshop, led by two caring and experienced teachers, combines multiple healing practices into one luxurious afternoon to powerfully reduce stress and tension in the mind, body and spirit.


·     Yin & Restorative Yoga to release tension in the mind and body 

·     Crystal singing bowl sound bath to facilitate deeper relaxation

·     Hands-on Reiki energy work to release blockages and stimulate the body’s natural healing process

·     Optional aromatherapy and essential oils throughout

 You’ll leave feeling deeply rested and restored in mind and body, reconnected to your Self.

Ample time will be given to set up & tailor each pose for every individual so all ages, sizes and ability levels are welcome.  No yoga or meditation experience is necessary, only a desire to unwind, rest and reconnect with yourself.  



Thai Yoga Massage Foundations Course with Rishi Eric Infanti
Friday February 22th 7:30-9:30pm
Saturday February 23rd 12-6
Saturday February 24th 1-7pm
Investment $295 by February 8th
Investment $325 after February 9th

It’s the perfect combination of Yoga and Massage and the participant doesn’t even have to move. This is an invaluable tool for Therapists and Yoga teachers. Learn how to release tension and ease pain throughout the body by using the body, moving it into the poses and opening it up with gentle massage techniques.

Thai Massage Foundations Certification
with Rishi Eric Infanti, MA, LMT, ERYT-500, Ayu

14 Live CEUs for NCBTMB & CE Broker/Florida

Course Description:
We will cover the basic principles, ethics, bodywork and theory of the Thai Healing Art of interactive massage, energy meridian work, and yoga treatment. Upon completion of this course you will learn enough poses and techniques to give a 60 minute Thai Yoga Massage session. This highly organized, step-by-step training includes demonstrated massage sequences, followed by substantial hands-on practice. We focus on proper body mechanics, mindfulness in how we move our bodies, and smooth transitions between poses. Classes include supervised practice sessions.

Who should take this course:
• Thai Massage therapists who want to improve their skills or refine their therapeutic abilities
• Yoga teachers who want to add Thai Yoga Massage to their services or want to improve their classes
• Massage therapists who want to add Thai Massage to their repertoire or who need CEUs
• Personal trainers who want to include therapeutic skills into their work
• Pilates teachers find Thai Yoga Massage greatly enhances their hands-on skills.
• CrossFit Coaches who want to include these skills into their work enhances their hands-on skills.
• Physical therapists who want to add another layer of skills to their work
• Spa operators who want to expand their menu of services and train their staff in a cost effective way
• All practitioners of complementary therapies can learn another healing art to add to their skills.

This ancient healing system can benefit you in many ways if you:
• Want to maintain your body in top condition for sports, dancing, or physically demanding work
• Have restricted range of motion, muscle pain, or tightness
• Overused muscles or joints by running, dancing, exercise, or work
• Have injuries which restrict full and free functioning of your body
• Want to restore your flexibility, vibrant energy and feeling of well being
• Want to improve your ability to relax your body and mind
• Want to learn a time tested and effective therapeutic system
• Want to use Thai Massage as a lucrative and fulfilling career

Learning Objectives:
• Students will list the 10 major Sen Lines massaged during a Thai massage.
• Learn proper body mechanics to keep your client and yourself safe during a Thai massage
• Get educated on alternate body positioning for various body types
• Discover the origins of Thai Massage including what the Thais believe
• Students will Gain experience in delivering a safe and therapeutic 60-minute Thai massage routine from memory.
• Students will Learn how to achieve optimal benefit with your Thai massage and create longevity for your career by taking care of yourself.

Course Materials:
Detailed handouts are provided via email to you. Please print & bring.

Setup & Supplies:
• Bring your Yoga mat, or Thai floor mat, bolsters, pillow & blankets
• Print & bring your handout
• Bring Tea Tree essential oil
• Bring a Massage oil of choice
• Lunch time will be given, please be prepared with meals or locations
• Bring plenty of water and a snack

Course Delivery Format:
A break will be given after the lecture portion of the class followed by practical hands-on demo and hands-on practice. A review of relevant anatomy will be displayed, mirroring the student therapist’s handout & notes, showing muscle attachments and placement on the body. review of muscle actions and where we as humans can potentially go wrong followed by a thorough demonstrations of the techniques we are covering.

You will work in partnership to practice the techniques, demonstrated and taught be Rishi. A PowerPoint presentation will be provided via email that has step-by-step pictures of each technique taught with plenty of white space to take notes to serve as your guide and reinforce your practice.

Bring Water, a snack, and a journal.

Cost: $295 pre-reg by Feb 8 (save $30)
$325 after Feb 8 or at the door
Refund policy is based on notice of cancellation. 3 days from the course day is non-refundable, non-transferable.



Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Nick Atlas
March 16 10am-6pm
March 17th 12-5:30pm
Investment 300
$275 YTT Students, Grads and Kula Staff

Evolutionary Education® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Level I (12 Hours) with Nick Atlas, PhD, E-RYT 500 Yoga Nidra, or “dynamic sleep,” is a unique approach to deep relaxation, meditation and transformative dreamwork that can be practiced with little or no yogic experience, yet it encompasses the full breadth of yoga psychology and meditative insight. Yoga Nidra is typically administered to a group by a trained instructor, though it may also be employed in a one-on-one setting (e.g., in place of or as an adjunct to counseling, psychotherapy, energy work, etc.) and, ultimately, may become the foundation of your yoga practice and journey of self-discovery. Level I of Evolutionary Education’s 100-hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Certification Course is a comprehensive and nourishing, 12-hour teacher training and retreat-style experience featuring gentle movement, breathwork, and several opportunities to both receive and guide the immensely restorative, deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. The training will also feature integrative discussion/Q&A on the philosophy and evidenced-based research supporting the practice, including how it relates to waking, dreaming (e.g., lucid dreaming) and consciousness, healing trauma, releasing anxiety, alleviating insomnia, overcoming nightmares, etc. Among our learning objectives are for you to:

•           Receive a succinct yet adaptable method for delivering Yoga Nidra to diverse audiences.
•           Explore ways to incorporate Yoga Nidra into yoga classes, schools, health care clinics, private practice, home/family life, etc.
•           Examine the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Yoga Nidra, including how it relates to counseling theory, psychology, yoga, mindfulness, Buddhism, etc., as well as evidenced-based research, trauma-sensitive approaches and ethical concerns.
•           Practice how to connect with yourself and others, foster empathy and develop clear boundaries, while instilling additional strategies for self-care, wellness and prevention.
•           Develop tools for deepening your own practice, finding your voice, and speaking

authentically from your heart.
•           Learn to relax more deeply into the present moment, let go of your fears, revitalize yourselfand tap into vast creative resources. This program is open to all levels and no experience is needed. All participants will receive a training manual and, upon fulfillment of all course requirements, a certificate of completion for Level I. Yoga Alliance members are eligible to receive 12 hours of CE credit.

About the presenter:Nick Atlas, Ph.D., E-RYT 500 is a light-hearted, grounded, accessible and transformative educator specializing in integrative approaches to sleep, dreams, deep relaxation and stress reduction. The Director of Evolutionary Education® and 200-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Trainings, Dr. Nick also teaches Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University and conducts pioneering research on Yoga Nidra and lucid dreaming. He has been practicing and teaching various forms of yoga, qigong, meditation, dreamwork and expressive arts since 1998. For more info, visit






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