Wellness Reimagined


Integrative Wellness Services designed & managed by Kula Yoga Shala & Healing Arts Center


Thrive is an innovative approach to embodying authentic personal health. It begins with the understanding that each one of us are inherently whole and our function is not to fix but to re-awaken the incredible potential for personal health that dwells within each human being we have the privilege of serving. We don’t see you as a client or a patient. We see you as a person. A human being who’s goal goes beyond surviving and reaches into the domain of thriving. We view ourselves as fortunate to be included on your healing journey and our team of holistic practitioners offer a uniquely comprehensive and integrative approach to wellness through a diverse spectrum of modalities shaped to meet your individual needs.

Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Acupuncture ~ Breathwork ~ Energy Healing ~ Sound Healing ~ Bodywork ~ Life Coaching ~ Health Coaching

Description of Services

 Personal Wellness Programs

> Condition Specific Treatment Protocols

> Concierge Level Care

> Short & Long Term Plans

> Individual Sessions


Corporate Wellness Programs

> On-Site & Off-Site Treatment Options

> Full Spectrum Holistic Care Management

> Addiction Treatment Centers

> Hospital & Medical Complimentary Care

> Workplace Wellness

> Assisted Living Facilities